Sunday, September 28, 2008

So I'm Back...

So I'm back on the scene with a couple of album (reviews/views) I want to get off my chest. First of all, I want to start by saying, CHECK OUT MY SHOW ON WWW.TEMPLE.EDU/WHIP. It's called Musicology (That's right. It's the same title of the Prince album. But.... Who Cares!). Basically, what we're gonna be doing is playing the freshest, illest, most poppin tracks ever created... WHILE discussing various topics that people express in there songs. Now as we all know, music is a form of poetry that "MOST" people use to express themselves and their views so tune in listen to how ya boy T gets down.

Anywho... I have a couple of recommendations for you guys. First off, "Year of the Gentleman".... Nuff Said?

If not, then all I gotta say is f*in poppin. I literally listen to that album every friggin day. If you haven't heard it then please do so. I will definitely be playing a lot of his songs on my show. Song Recommendation: Mad, Stop this World, and Why Does She Stay?"

Second: Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt... This album is a friggin classic. I'm a real big fan of Gym Class Heroes and their album "As Cruel as School Children" and this album does not fall short at all. Check it out!!! Song Recommendation: Drnk Text Rmeo

Finally: Solange's album (Can't remember the name and don't feel like looking it up). My lady honestly put me on to this album and it has a couple of ill tracks. It gives me that Amy Winehouse feel with the old schoolness to it lol... Oh and if you're into that old schoolness then check out Raphael Saadiq's new album cuz its just like that...

Well, it was nice talking to yall. I know I haven't been communicating very often but quite frankly, I'm trying to graduate..

Be Easy,

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sorry everyone. Unfortunately, this has been the roughest era in my life I have to endure thus far. Hopefully it doesn't get worse than this. I've been surviving and maintaining with the help of a few people. I've lost ambition to write in this blog because quite frankly; it stop having its soothing effect on me. My thoughts belong in my head until further notice. thank you