Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So I've been going through a whole bunch of different emotions lately. I'm hype to be going to Ohio next week with the kids. (Everyone keeps telling me that Ohio is wack but what they fail to realize is that I haven't left the tri-state area in over a year maybe even 2!). I'm gaining a better appreciation for life. I'm learning how to handle myself in situations and do the right thing. I try to be caring, and thoughtful, honest, and respectful but lately I've been feeling like I'm unappreciated. For some reason, all I've been hearing is how much I need to change when I feel like I'm doing pretty good for myself. I've had some rough times for the past few month which you could say I wasn't entirely ready for.

Yeah I may have handled certain situations uncool-like but as my big bro would say, "such is life". All I can say is that I'm learning how to be a better man. I'm learning how to handle things as a "man" should. Granted I'm not perfect but I am a wonderful person. I care so much about my family and friends. Some say I actually have a slight problem with telling them "No". If I can help, I will. That's my philosophy. I would say that I also very appreciative. I Love God and I know everything happens for a reason but lately I've been wondering what I may have done to deserve some of the treatment I've been getting. I sometimes wonder why things are still "down" for me. I know times can definitely be A WHOLE LOT WORSE but that still doesn't negate that fact that I'm still slightly struggling. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and thank God for everything that I have. It's just that sometimes I get a lil selfish and I feel like I deserve more. Is that wrong?

"Why can't you see the affect you have on me."

Be Easy,