Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So lately, I've been jammin hardbody to all of DJ Mike Rizzy's playlist... He has an old school to all of his stuff and anyone who knows me...KNOWS I got an old SOUL. So if you're not up on Mike Rizzy then I suggest you LISTEN IMMEDIATELY!!!!
Be Easy,

BTW~ Francis put me on to this.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Can I Live?

I'm tight! Lately, I really been feeling like I've had to defend everything single thing I do. I can't even scratch my ass without someone giving an opinion on the way it should be done (exaggeration but you get the point). Seriously though, no matter if what I do is good or bad, someone has had something to say about it. Look, I'm a grown ass man, so if I decide to do something then dammit thats what I'm gonna do. I don't deem it necessary to go into detail about the situations; I'm just venting a tad bit. Like I wish yall knew only half the shit I've been having to deal with and they all have been for NO DAMN REASON!!!!! 

Everything from insignificant sayings I put as my status on FB, to people talking and trying to start controversy. We too old for this shit. On some real shit though, I feel that people do things to make themselves feel better. Anything you can do to boost your own self-esteem, right? You give your opinion in the Light that your right and I'm wrong. Quick question... Who the Hell told you you were right? Couldn't have been the same person that told me I was right. Basically, I don't care if I'm right or wrong or if you think that I'm right or wrong. It's my Life. So to wrapp up my ramblings......... CAN I LIVE? I MEAN DAMN. CAN I?

Be Easy,

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Like Her...

I'm embarking on something. Somethings happening and it's a little nerve-recking. I'm getting close to someone and it's so open-ended that I don't know what to expect. But thats it right there.... I shouldn't expect anything. Thats right. I shouldn't expect anything, I should hope for everything. Everything postive that can happen is what I should be hoping for. I am trusting in God that this person is going to affect me in ways only she can. No one else. God put this special lady in my life at this very moment in time help me; improve me. I appreciate, care, and Love God for that. Those of you who know me, know this situation ALL too well. Yall know that I'm crazy and many of you told me to fall back and let shit fall where it may (I messed that phrase all up didn't I)...Anywho, I didn't listen lol... I stayed consistent and look what happened... I broke the surface!!!! Now I realize that those of you who do not know whats going on are like... Well yeah, yall just don't know. So that's the JACK for

So after another one of our indepth conversations coupled with my persistence and consistancy, she realized that I am a genuine dude. So as a result, I feel like we reached a new level. We have a new understanding in a sense that I'm here solely because I care and I want to be here and vice versa. I do not have any ulterior motives or schemes. I don't run GAME, or play them. I don't map out a plan of action and execute it. All I do is enjoy her company. Spending time with her is almost essential because it takes my mind off all the problems I have. It may be a lil premature but I believe that everything happens for a reason so we are moving on a road of greatness. Now don't take this to mean that I think we are about to get into a relationship and all that good/complicated stuff. All I'm saying is that I'm trying to look at the BIG picture in this situation. You know how I know this is a road of greatness.... I know because all I wanna do is BE with her. Not be with her in the sense of a relationship but BE with her in the sense of two people enjoying spending time with each other. No strings, no expectation, no underlined meanings, just US...

We went to church today...Together. She invited me and I went. Now I didn't just go because she asked, I went because I know she asked for a reason. There was a reason why I was supposed to go with her to church today. That reason is beyond anything that me, her, and anyone can fathom. I heard an inspiring service that dealt specifically with things that I'm dealing with now. Ironically enough right before I left to go meet her, I was reading Bonita's "Become a Good Woman" post and the line that grabbed me was "You'll know why he's not a Good Man if he won't go to church with you"... SIGNS. That's powerful! Can you imagine the bond and strengh between two people when they're united not just by personal preference and interests but by their belief in GOD as well. That bond to me is unbreakable. I said it before and I'll say it again. Everything happens for a reason and God has a masterplan for us all. So to wrapp up my ramblings, I like her.

P.S... I know that EVERYONE thats in my life now is here to improve me. And I thank you guys for that.

Be Easy,

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Had to Do It...

So I know this video is old but damn I still like it. There's not even a need to explain why I like it so much. Just Enjoy Dammit.

Be Easy,


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Today's NOT a Good Day... Or Maybe it is

Ok, So I'm blogging from my phone because its 11:30 and my day is already kinda basuda... I woke up cool, but then for some reason all of my money problems started to plague me. I somehow got worked up in paying my rent, phone bill, housing deposit, and just money to survive and i got tight... I'm really trying to enjoy today like yesterday but I guess my secret get-away came at a cost. I just seen Ms. Simplicity and that helped a lil but I need more. I need/want something or someone to make my day. A good conversation maybe, shit maybe even a damn hug will suffice.... Something . Be creative.

So yeah. My day is progressing very lovely actually. I turned to my love for help and she did exactly that. She calmed me down and relaxed the hell outta me. What would I do without her... Music, thanks babes!
~Memoirs of a Distant Mind~

Be Easy,

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today Was A Good Day...

So today I went to my volleyball class; busted ass in the two games we played. Then I didn't feel like going to my Physics II class, so I didn't. I decided to go down to center city just to look around and clear my head. For some reason, when I got down there I had a sudden urge to smoke a clove, but I wanted to be in a stationary spot to chill and do it. It was gorgeous weather too, not to hot and damn sure not cold. 

Anywho(took that from Bonita), halfway down Walnut Street, just about where Urban Outfitters is, I remembered that there was a park(rittenhouse square park to be exact) up the street. So I decided to take a stroll and relax for a lil. When I got there, after I bought a shirt from UO, there was a small Hilary/Obama protest which was quite interesting because of the number of people that are so passionate about their candidates. AS THEY SHOULD DAMMIT!!! AREN'T YOU? So after I gave a couple OBAMA yells, I decided to sit down and enjoy myself.....AND THAT I DID! I jamm'd to a Mike Rizzy playlist (Courtesy of Mr. Francis) and I smoked a clove (Courtesy of Mr. Francis lol). A special treat was that they were giving away FREE BOOKS. So i definitely hopped on that shit. So after about an hour I decided to leave and fulfill my next objective which was to vote. 

I BARRACK'D THE VOTE!!!! Then I saw Bonita, had a rather scrumptious blueberry muffin coupled with a Snapple Raspberry IceTea and went to class. Basically the point of this was to show how much we can improve and MAKE our own day. I didn't have to buy three kicks, I didn't have to go to the A. Keys concert, I didn't have to own a million dollars to have a beautiful day. I took a day out for me and I gotta say... It was Wonderful

Be Easy,

She Lives in My Lap

So I decided to head down to center city today to clear my head. I do that from time to time because things are just that crazy for me. Anyway, I'll elaborate on this in another post. Just know that this song came on while I was smokin a clove and I started jammin hardbody!!!

Enjoy this shit.... I know I did.

YouTube Celebrities

OK... These are just a couple of people that I stumbled across on my many YouTube Excursions....Enjoy


With this one, just get through the bs talk and you'll find out she's a beast!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

No Excuses!

This has to be one of the best Jordan commercial ever. Inspirational!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A True OG...

 Darkwing Duck. Nuff Said!

I guess you had to be there...

So I'm in my 5pm class on thursday and just like any other day, I don't feel like being there. But this class turned out to be one of the funniest I've been to in a while. My teacher is Dr. Zhao who is Chinese(clearly) so you gotta pay close attention to what he is saying. Since people have been missing his class a lot lately( I wonder why?) he's been giving pop quizzes. So he is explaining that missing pop quizzes wont hurt your grade but missing class will. So this one chick clearly not understanding what he was saying started to beast on the fact that she missed a quiz because she had to leave early... 

So she is arguing with the Professor about "it not being fair that he had a pop quiz after he said she can go and how he deceived her and its wrong that the quiz will count against her when she asked if she can leave early.... So she is carrying on for TEN DAMN MINUTES....LITERALLY... sounding dumb as rocks until one dude goes......."Yo, Shut the Hell Up So We Can Start Class!!!!!!!!!!" lol I almost left the damn class, that shit was soooo funny I had to turn around and laugh at her..... So if you read through this post then you must really like me cuz Im writing it and I think its Dry lol..... I guess you had to be there

A Need for Wonderful Mothers...

I got tight today. I’m walking home from playing ball and I see some scruffy ass dude damn near dragging a little girl while she is crying hysterically. First of all he was pulling her while cursing her out like she was a grown ass lady; saying things like “Shut the fuck up”, and “Keep crying and I’m gonna beat your ass”. Seeing that affected me more than I thought because all I could think about was how unfortunate the little girl was for growing up in that type of environment. Granted, I could have just witnessed him on a bad day, frustrated with everything, but that still is no excuse for treating her like that. The girl was no more than 4 years old getting cursed out and mistreated like an orphan. People wonder why kids grow up violent and bitter. It’s like a vicious cycle. People teach what they know, so if the only thing the little girl knows is cursing and violence then that’s how she is going to raise her kids and so on. There are so many other ways to discipline a child. 

My mother raised me and my two siblings damn near on her own. All of our fathers are deadbeat bums that have more negative ways than positive. She showed us constant love while teaching us the necessary manners and knowledge to survive in the world. My mother is my idol, mentor, confidant, accountant, and advisor. So I could only hope that the little girl has a wonderful mother like I have. She needs someone positive in her life; preferably her mother because they are the most influential in a child’s life. We could mitigate the unfortunate cycle of violent behavior in our youth just by improving the way we raise them. It starts at home.


P.S…Shout outs to all the wonderful mothers out there and may God bless every child with one because they can improve the life of that child more than anyone will ever know. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR LOVE!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Not Your Average Morning Inspiration!!!

Waking up from a semi-long night of partying, I hear one of my favorite Kanye songs "Touch the Sky". I'm feeling tired as ever and my allergies are killin me but the words "I gotta Testify, Come up in the spot looking extra fly, For the day you, you gonna Touch the Sky" got me hype.....Maybe its the beat or maybe its the lyrics, or maybe its both but all I know.... It's Poppin

New Acquaintances (Happy Bday Aden)

So im coolin on Francis couch thinkin bout how much cool ass people i met recently... Its my girl Adens bday and she definitely hit the cool ass people list. Just met but linked together with similar interests and friends that brought us together. 

My belief in everything happens for a reason stands even more strong when I meet new people. Its like God crossed our paths for a reason unknown to everyone except Him. I keep faith in the fact that these people are in my life to improve it in some way, shape, or form. Cheers to my new acquaintances and may we all accept those who come into our lives with open arms because this is what God planned for us.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADEN!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Mr. Bad Influence

I AM NOT A SMOKER. At least this is what I keep telling myself. For years I despised smokers. I hated when they walked in front you blowing their smoke that eventually comes in contact with you. It was always seen as slightly disrespectful. I would see them standing in the freezing cold just to smoke; looking crazy. Staying healthy was something that I took pride in. One of my favorite hobbies is playing basketball. You could tell when a smoker hit the court when they get sluggish and wheezy after 1 game. I said never that. 

I did good up and till last semester. I started hanging out with Elias and Francis, who both introduced me to Hookah. I got hooked immediately. Now I drink but smoking doesn't take you overboard like drinking can. I get this hyper sense of chillness running through me when I smoke. It started with Hookah then Mr. Bad Influence further introduced me to something called Cloves (maybe you guys heard of it lol). I knew I was heading down that path when I bought my first pack recently. That, to me, solidified the idea that I might have turned into a Clove smoker. (tisk tisk) So this is post is dedicated to Mr. Bad Influence, who has corrupted Ike, Eros, P, and me (just to name a few). Also through his corruption of me, may have reached CMoore as well...Craziness.... So as I rapp this up, I slowly reach over to my bag, grab my newly purchased pack and head outside to indulged in the somewhat addictive tobacco that is placed in every Clove and I think...."Damn you Francis lol"

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Re-Connecting the Dots

I love conscious hip-hop. Listening to someone who talks "real" talk is like listening to a poem. It takes more than one listen but when you decipher the meaning then its even more inspiring and thought-provoking. I am a big Jigga, Lupe, and Kanye fan. I'm currently trying to decipher the other greats like Talib, Mos, Black Thought, Little Brother and Pharoahe Monch. These are people that talk real ish.

Unfortunately, I have not always been up on conscious hip-hop. I'm a huge R&B fan. To be honest, majority of the music I jam to is R&B. Next in line is Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soca, Pop, Smooth Rock, and Rock. I was one of those people that heard the song but didn't listen to the song. I normally had to like the melody and the hook in order to really listen to the song which sucks because you miss out on so much that way. So that being said, this is my pledge to go back to all the music I heard but not grasped. I plan to LISTEN to what these people are talking about.

Monday, April 14, 2008


I consider myself an intellectual dude. I’m very observant to life and everything it encompasses. One facet of life and maybe the most important is human interaction. If you think about it, human interaction is what molds our culture and our way of life. Without me expressing my issues and you listening and vice versa, how can we evolve/improve as human beings? We can’t. My idea plus your idea equals society. If Jesus hadn’t come to spread the word of God, would we know about Him? Would we believe as much as we do? I don’t believe so. Therefore I ask as many questions as possible.

I have a few people whom I go to for thought provoking conversation (no need to name names). Out of these conversations, I pondered a question I would like to ask everyone reading this… What do we do? As black people, are we independent or are we governed by society? Do we dictate our future or are tricked into believing we are? Was it us that had the epiphany that going to college will promise us a wonderful and “happy” future? Or was it society that told us so? A conversation that I had with Francis made me think, do we live by the system, say fuck the system or actually fuck the system? Which one is Obama doing?

If we live by the system, then we must believe in it and feel guaranteed that it will make/keep us “happy”. As it states in the Declaration of Independence under “inalienable rights”, “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” is what us as a people should have. I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY. Well people say that ignorance is bliss. So being involved in the system has the “potential” to make us happy but it does not guarantee this. I guess that’s why it states “the PURSUIT of Happiness”. So is Obama involved in the Plan for our Happiness. Is he “fucking” the system or is he merely saying “Fuck” the system? Taking a conspiracy theorist position, is the “System” letting him reach the lengths he has reached so that Us (black people) can feel better about the racism and discrimination we have faced and are still facing to this day. We say: America has to be improving to let a Black man have the chance to obtain the highest role in the American government. He has the ability to “control” the same government that said it was ok to have slaves at one point. He has to ability to “control” the government that created the Affirmative Action law. He has the ability to “control” the government that once said we were only 3/5 human. So is this just another ploy that the “System” has to keep us in check?

Are we Happy? Are we satisfied? Is this it? Is there no need for another Malcolm X now that Obama is here? Is there no need for another Martin Luther King, Jr. or Frederick Douglas?
Food for thought…. Let me know how you feel?


Sunday, April 13, 2008

YouTube Relaxation

Some videos I jam to because of the acoustics and just the raw talent...

Boyz II Men "Never Go Away"

Luther Vandross "A House is not a Home"

Brian McKnight "One Last Cry"

The Coolest

I don't even have to write how great this album is. I'm sure all of you know already. Just paying homage is all.

Random Mental Excursions

Ok Ok... This and "A Good Man" post are old and gives a lil insight on what was on my mind...

Why? Why are times so rough at this moment in time? Why do I feel the need to write out my thoughts and feelings on this computer just to keep my sanity? Why do I feel like I am missing something or missing out on something? Is there something missing? I feel like everything is crumbling but yet I cope with it by believing in God and knowing that everything happens for a reason. Everyone always talks about being independent and not needing anyone and all that stuff but I feel that having some special significant other can definitely lighten the stress that goes on in your life. I know relationships can be one of the most stressful things a person can go through but when you find that right one, she can not only console and support you but also give you an overall sense of love and appreciation. I’ve said numerous times that I hate relationships but yet I yearn to be with someone.

Can I have a woman without a relationship? Can I experience love and affection without going through the ups and downs of a relationship? Nah, that’s almost impossible. What I think, is that when that right woman comes around, then the relationship won’t be work. It will be a never-ending vacation. It will be a journey through my heart and hers that I am anxiously waiting on. It will be my safe haven when things get rough. It will be my spaceship and she will be my pilot to guide me and show me things that no one has seen or felt. It will be a great escape to a wonderful island that only her and I know about. It will be wonderful, perfect and gorgeous.

You want to know why our relationship will be all of these things? It’s because my woman will be a Phenomenal woman. Her touch will feel like Christmas morning. Her smile will make me forget about all of my problems. Everything about her, the good and the bad, will improve my being and produce the man God made me to be. I know this because God made it so we will be together. Me plus her equals heaven on earth. I sit here, single and somewhat alone because its not the right time. She and I need to be in the right state of mind to create this togetherness that no one else can duplicate.  I want her. Sometimes I even think I need her, just to help me through life a little easier. I probably haven’t even met her yet but I know I will be more than willing to give her my everything so she can become my everything.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


It’s crazy how advanced yet remedial technology is. I say remedial because like a lil kid, it can act dumb. I arrived at the Tech with every ambition on doing work, but my first social interaction was with someone telling me that starbucks was closed and the internet was down…..jack

A Good Man

What has being a Good man accomplished me?

I say she’s beautiful.
I hold the door open for her.
I text message her randomly just to see how she is doing.
I give back massages and foot rubs when she needs them.
I comfort her with every aspect of the word “cater” in mind.
I stop what I’m doing when she needs me.
I care.
I love.
I pray.
I pray for her safety and her happiness.
But tell me something…..
Is what I’m doing not noticed?
Why can’t she get my subtle signs?
When I kiss her on the forehead it’s to let her know I’m here for her.
When I hold her hand while we talk,It’s to let her know that I’m listening.
When we hug and I don’t let go, it’s to let her know that I want her.
When I slip notes in her pocket, it’s to let her know that she means the world to me.
And when I stare into her eyes, it’s to let her know that I’m sad when she’s away.
I guess God must not see us together.

So what has being a Good man accomplished me……..
It gives me the comfort to know that a Great woman is just around the corner.

- Terence

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First ONE

Yeah, so, this is the first of many I guess..... So I write a lot of randomness but everything makes sense for the most part. I'll start it off with something I wrote a few hours ago.


Why write? What's the reason for it? For a while now I've been sitting back and listening to poet after poet at Philalive or various other Spoken word events that goes on around here. I love them. I find these events fascinating for the most part and inspiring for the rest. I somehow see my on stage reciting something I've written but wonder if its because being on stage is appealing to me. You know how people only want to be something when they see other people do it. I've never really written poetry but I've always written my thoughts. I feel like thats what poets do, just in a poetic way so why can't I recite something I wrote on stage. What is really preventing me though. I believe I can write something amazing, mesmerizing, titillating and most importantly from my heart. I don't wanna get up there with bs made up stuff that I feel people "want to hear". I'm gonna get up there and recite something I want people to hear. Give them a lil taste of the mind I call T. It may sound weird but I myself am Terence but my Self is T (compliments of my Sociology of Self course). Another reason I'm resisting to write poetry is because of the magnitude of skill to which others are at. I feel like I be going against veteran poets like my homegirl Bonita (although we live in two different places and we've only recently become really really cool, I use homegirl to show how close we are). Practice makes perfect right? Hey, I gotta start somewhere so why not here and now. You miss 100% of all shots not taken. Now the question is, do I have what it takes? Can I cut? I should probably just stick to bloggin (if this is a word you bloggers use, forgive me, I'm new)? Have I gone through enough turmoil to produce a wonderful poem. It seems like thats what most poets are motivated to write about. Its understandable because if its hurting you, you write about it... Have I gone through enough headache, aggravation, and saddness to produce quality poems? Well, I have dammit. So you know what, I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna try my hardest and I'm gonna improve. You guys will be enlightened and maybe even inspired by my efforts to produce wonderful pieces that brings me closer to you and vice versa. I mean, everyone has a story and I'm gonna tell mine. Yup, theres more but I'm fallin asleep so TBC...