Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hey I just wanted to take the time out to thank some very special people in my life. Yesterday I had a friggin trash ass day. Damn near got cussed out by my landlord, was feelin a lil sick, got reminded about how things are going in my life for the bad, over drafted on my account and then on top of all that; I found out some BAD news about my brother. So up and till about 7pm last night I was like, "fuck, today is friggin trash!" But then my boy Mchale sed he was coming through, my big brother was already there, my lady was on her way, and Kimbrough was too. So everyone gets to my house and I'm just in this piss poor mood and apparently, THEY WASN'T HAVIN THAT! As bad as a mood I was in, they said and I quote, "Cheer the fuck up nigga. You actin like a lil bitch right now. Shit happens and thats life. Cheer the fuck up and we going out!" So who was I to not comply... lol Everyone but my big bro went to Johnny Rockets and we had a great time. It cheered me the hell up, I tell you that much. So I just want to take a sec to thank my Lady, Big Bro, Kale, and Kimbrough for all the support...

Be Easy,

Open Your Eyes - Dwele