Monday, June 9, 2008

Madd Gemini's, Madd BDays, Madd Fun. What Up!

So its Monday June 9th... I've been trashed for the past four days because of birthdays. OK, thursday it wasn't for someone's bday but all the other days were lol. So it was my homie Soiyea's BDay on Saturday and my homie Tuesdays BDay is on Tuesday (Big Brother abused that ALL weekend lol)... So it was a weekend extravaganza BUT.... It aint over. Tonight we gettin it in SOMEWHERE!!! AND TOMORROW (TUESDAY June 10th) We in there at MY Crib for Tuesday's Birthday BBQ on Tuesday.... What Up!!!!

If You Ain't On My Level Then Take Another Shot,


P.S... Don't show up thinkin you gettin some Moet cuz if I have it, at 45 bucks a bottle, I ain't givin it up!