Friday, June 27, 2008

New Path or Different Direction?

So I'm in the tech coolin after a pretty good morning. I played ball, ran an errand I was supposed to do for weeks, and I was given the privilege of reading my big bro's blog and I fools with it. Things are cool now people. For the longest, probably the whole spring semester, I was going through ROUGH times. I don't need to go into detail as to what but hey, who doesn't go through rough times. I look around and see how fortunate I still am. Even though times are rough, they can be soooo much worse. I literally take each day for what it is and I ENJOY every bit of it! The way I see it, "you can't know what sweet tastes like until you've tasted bitter." (I don't know where I heard that from.. probably a movie or something.. Poppin right? yup)

Anywho... So I've recently embarked on something new. Its weird how one moment your coolin and the next moment your... (Ok I believe India Arie said it best)

It's like yesterday
I didn't even know your name
Now today
You're always on my mind

(My lady friend put me on to this)

So I'm sure you guys can tell whats going on from just reading the lyrics... Oh and yeah... It's mutual! We've been coolin and enjoying each others company and being over-analytical that I am, I began to analyze whats going and so has she. So to get answers to some of my questions, I went to my favorite supervisor of all time (Ms. T)...

side note: (stole that from big brother) I don't know about yall but I think I have the COOLEST supervisor ever. I can talk to her about any and everything. How many people can say they go to work on their day off just to chatt... Not too many. But I can!

Anywho... She gave me some advise and basically told a cool guy (Me) to chill the hell out! She said if me and my lady friend enjoy each other's company then thats it. No over-thinking anything. Take each day for what it is and hang out. At our age we aren't truly sure what we want and we get worked up in future ambitions and basically what other people think. In reality, all we need to do and continue on the path we're on. Time is a powerful tool (BB) and it will always show us the way because who said so... Come on... Say it with me.... GOD said so!!!

Faith in HIM will take us all where we need to be... So that being said, I will be doing just that. I adore spending time with her and I can't see this going anywhere but up. Oh yeah... we're going salsa dancing tonight! Just thought I'd make a few people jealous lol nah I'm playing. Well this is T, signing off and enjoying the rest of his day.

Be easy,