Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moment of Clarity

I've come across a situation that has happened to me recently and I feel like a clarification is needed. Now I'm in Philly, coolin and enjoying my life. Those of us stuck in philly these days know that there isn't much to do but to chill with cool peoples... So with that being said, not too long ago I received the number of two ladies that are no strangers to me and my roommate. He was always the middle man in terms of all of us coolin but when I got their numbers, I decided to not only thank them for coming to an event I hosted but to also see how they were doing. 

Now this day in particular I was off of work and lookin for something to do. So after talking to both, I found out that one of them didn't have any plans. Now me and the lady chilled before and I just wanted to get out of the house so I asked her if she wanted to accompany me downtown. She agreed and we went. She was hungry so I decided to take her to my spot downtown to eat... Unfortunately, I caught the jack continuously afterwards. We get to the spot and she starts to order what she wants. Then I started to say out loud what I wanted but it wasn't in the intention to tell the cashier. All I was doing was merely thinking out loud as to what I wanted to order. THEN... the cashiers straight gases the situation!!! The cashier thought I was putting my order on the same bill as the lady I was with so she starts saying, "Aww thats nice that you're paying for her!" Now in my mind I'm like, "JACK!!!!" All I could think was how the hell did I get myself in another one of these situations... 

Thats the life of Mr. Walcott

So after the cashiers said her comment, the lady who I was with said, "Oh, so your paying for me." Now I already knew I caught the jack so I decided to pay for both of us... So we ate, had a conversation but all I could really think about was how I just caught the "Fucking Jack". Now I'm not even gonna front... I was definitely too broke to be doing all that so it got to the point where I was barely listening to this chick cuz all I could think about was .... (Quite Frankly and not to offend anyone but)... how I just wasted money hardbody... So we hit the park, chatted for a lil then I had to go to rite aid to get cash back for the train back home....

Jack Number 2: I pick up the cheapest thing I could find and asked the cashier if I can get 3 bucks cash back. I was wishing and hoping I had enough but... Yup, you guessed it.... I got DENIED!!! At first I thought it was an embarrassing situation but I realized I didn't even care. I thought the shit was funny. So the lady offered to get it and we headed back to campus... After the day was done, I caught the jack twice, had a good laugh telling my roommate what happened and luckily didn't overdraft so I thought it was a cool day.

On an end note, I want to thank the lady that was with me because if we were on a date than that definitely would have been the jack. We were hanging out on some cool shit and I appreciate that... I just wish more women had the ability to do that!

Be Easy,


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3words: the jack shorty lol

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I still don't understand what "jack" means...please clarify that for me again. LoL