Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So Im Coolin Right AND....

So Im coolin right and I'm doing various things like listening to 112, looking for new music, formulating a playlist for Tuesday's BBQ tomorrow, and stressing about my life (as usual) AND I peeped a new video on VH1 Soul (Ms Krabapple's fav channel). Guess what that video was....

Damn, so the original plan was to just put the video on here and let yall play it to figure it out BUT... its so new it aint even on YouTube or IMeem......jack 

Artist Hint: "You're who I desire, you light my fire. With every kiss you take me higher."

Song Hint: "Love is kind when the world is cold. Love stays strong when the fight gets old. Love's a shoulder to lean on. Love Is...."

If you can guess, I'll give you a penny... What Up!

Be Easy,

P.S. I Found it!!!! Unfortunately, it was on another person's blog....dammit (You won this one Ms. Krabapple, you won this one)


**Recoverin Soul** said...

it's chrisette michelle OBVIOUSLY!

Teeny V. said...

love is you!! lol i love this song...dedicated it to my mommy on mothers day!! lol

missgideon said...

when do i never win?