Monday, May 19, 2008

MC ~ "Move the Crowd"

MTV's Top MC's of 2008

1. Kanye West
2. Jay-Z
3. Lil Wayne
4. Rick Ross
5. 50 Cent
6. Snoop Dogg
7. Lupe Fiasco
8. Young Jeezy
9. Andre 3000
10. T.I.     

Ok. First off, I wanna say that this list is ok but I have a few discrepancies. First and foremost, Andre 3000 definitely didn’t get the credit he deserved. They had him at 10 then put him at 9 AND the only reason they even put Andre 3000 at 9 is because T.I. had to fall back cuz of the legal issues. Regardless of the legal issues of T.I, Andre 3000 consistently threw it down on the tracks he got on. “International Players Anthem”…. classic ass song. In my opinion, Andre 3000 MADE that song and that’s not even it. I could mention others like “Walk it Out” remix, “I Want You” remix or even “Throw Some D’s” remix but that’s not even necessary. All I gotta say is “The Art of Storytellin’ Part 4”. Granted this dude ain’t put out an album but the list is not called “MTV’s Top Hip-Hop Albums of 08”, its called “Top MC’s of 08”. 

  When I hear the acronym “MC”, all I can do is think LYRICAL CONTENT. Sure, ill flows and poppin beats play a lot into songs but if the song is not lyrically on point then what’s the purpose? We talking bout Hip-Hop right? OK. Don’t get me wrong, T.I. does his thing but to me Andre 3000 has him beat.  (Just had to break you off a piece of what he was saying in “The Art of Storytellin’ 4”)


“She said, why in the club and you don’t make it precipitate, you know, Make it rain when you can make it Thunder Storm. I’m like why? The world needs sun, the hood needs funds, there’s a war goin on and half the battle is guns. How dare I throw it on the floor while people are poor. So I write like Edger Allen to restore.” – Andre 3000


  Next off. Lupe Fiasco! He definitely did not receive as much credit as he deserves. This dude not only put out a wonderful album with “Food and Liquor” but he then came even more Hott Fire lol with “The Cool”. Personally, I love “The Cool”. This album dealt with problems black people face in the general sense by introducing characters and making it a concept album. Think of it as a movie. He comes up with The Cool, The Streets and The Game. Basically a Black Man getting influenced by the Game and caught up in the Streets. Lupe isn’t rappin about how he sold this drug and shot this person and got out the dope game or no shit like that. But he understands what goes on and he’s rapping bout it while also talking bout shit that’s going on in his life. Now Jeezy is cool but come on. I feel like Jeezy hasn't progressed lyrically. What makes a great MC is the ability to evolve and improve. Jeezy is stagnant. 

Now on Snoop. I agree with dude when he said that Snoop lost points when he said he didn't write all of his rhymes. I understand Snoops logic but there are A LOT of different ways to put people on. Don't let them write rhymes for you. Put them on a track instead. If you let someone write for you and claim that thats giving them a foot in the door, to me thats BULLSHIT. When we hear a Snoop song, (those of us that are still listening) don't say, "That line was poppin, I wonder who wrote it?" Nah, we say, "Snoop killed it". Bascially, Snoop lost points and this list is for ill MC's of 2008, so "OLD Snoop" shouldn't hold so much weight on his spot on this list. So Lupe should have been above Snoop as well. Bottom-line, Lupe deserved more credit.


  Now as far as the rest of the list goes, I felt their arguments were ok. I still don’t understand why they were even considering Solja Boy to be on the list. Like I said before, when I hear “MC” I think Lyrical Content, something that should NOT be associated with Solja Boy. If you go back to the origin of MC, it controversially means “master of ceremonies”. The MC hypes up the DJ and speaks to the crowd. According to Rakim, this person’s responsibility was to “move the crowd”. In my opinion, it didn’t just mean to make them dance but to Move them mentally as well. Personally, I don’t get moved to someone yelling “Yah Trick Yah”. I don’t care if he can make a whole club do one dance or if he sold 3 million ringtones. That’s just irrelevant to the list. Thank you.

P.S.... Is it too much to ask to have Black Thought even considered for the fucking list. I mean damn!!!


Be Easy,



Madeleine said...

so i watched this on mtv and i was livid.
ok maybe not THAT mad.
but i am blown lil waynes not so classy lyrical self was so high and my baby daddy future husband lupe was so low.

Teeny V. said...

so im at work n had to skim through this so i could get back to my duties lol but wow...i agree wit everything u had to say lol...lupe def deserved to be in the top 5 and andre 3000 should have been MUCH higher and u said stagnant...he shouldn't even be up there in my opinion.