Sunday, September 28, 2008

So I'm Back...

So I'm back on the scene with a couple of album (reviews/views) I want to get off my chest. First of all, I want to start by saying, CHECK OUT MY SHOW ON WWW.TEMPLE.EDU/WHIP. It's called Musicology (That's right. It's the same title of the Prince album. But.... Who Cares!). Basically, what we're gonna be doing is playing the freshest, illest, most poppin tracks ever created... WHILE discussing various topics that people express in there songs. Now as we all know, music is a form of poetry that "MOST" people use to express themselves and their views so tune in listen to how ya boy T gets down.

Anywho... I have a couple of recommendations for you guys. First off, "Year of the Gentleman".... Nuff Said?

If not, then all I gotta say is f*in poppin. I literally listen to that album every friggin day. If you haven't heard it then please do so. I will definitely be playing a lot of his songs on my show. Song Recommendation: Mad, Stop this World, and Why Does She Stay?"

Second: Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt... This album is a friggin classic. I'm a real big fan of Gym Class Heroes and their album "As Cruel as School Children" and this album does not fall short at all. Check it out!!! Song Recommendation: Drnk Text Rmeo

Finally: Solange's album (Can't remember the name and don't feel like looking it up). My lady honestly put me on to this album and it has a couple of ill tracks. It gives me that Amy Winehouse feel with the old schoolness to it lol... Oh and if you're into that old schoolness then check out Raphael Saadiq's new album cuz its just like that...

Well, it was nice talking to yall. I know I haven't been communicating very often but quite frankly, I'm trying to graduate..

Be Easy,

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Sorry everyone. Unfortunately, this has been the roughest era in my life I have to endure thus far. Hopefully it doesn't get worse than this. I've been surviving and maintaining with the help of a few people. I've lost ambition to write in this blog because quite frankly; it stop having its soothing effect on me. My thoughts belong in my head until further notice. thank you

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I'm sorry.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


So I've been going through a whole bunch of different emotions lately. I'm hype to be going to Ohio next week with the kids. (Everyone keeps telling me that Ohio is wack but what they fail to realize is that I haven't left the tri-state area in over a year maybe even 2!). I'm gaining a better appreciation for life. I'm learning how to handle myself in situations and do the right thing. I try to be caring, and thoughtful, honest, and respectful but lately I've been feeling like I'm unappreciated. For some reason, all I've been hearing is how much I need to change when I feel like I'm doing pretty good for myself. I've had some rough times for the past few month which you could say I wasn't entirely ready for.

Yeah I may have handled certain situations uncool-like but as my big bro would say, "such is life". All I can say is that I'm learning how to be a better man. I'm learning how to handle things as a "man" should. Granted I'm not perfect but I am a wonderful person. I care so much about my family and friends. Some say I actually have a slight problem with telling them "No". If I can help, I will. That's my philosophy. I would say that I also very appreciative. I Love God and I know everything happens for a reason but lately I've been wondering what I may have done to deserve some of the treatment I've been getting. I sometimes wonder why things are still "down" for me. I know times can definitely be A WHOLE LOT WORSE but that still doesn't negate that fact that I'm still slightly struggling. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate and thank God for everything that I have. It's just that sometimes I get a lil selfish and I feel like I deserve more. Is that wrong?

"Why can't you see the affect you have on me."

Be Easy,

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I Want It!

And I want it Now!!!

Be Easy,



I know I haven't posted in a while so I just wanted to say Hi... Stay Blessed everyone!

Be Easy,

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Flaws and All...

Sometimes it takes sacrifice and perseverance to achieve your goals. Sometimes you must take a step back to see the big picture. Sometimes you have to swallow your pride and admit when you're not being a Man. Sometimes you just want to say fuck everything but thats not the right thing to do. Sometimes you need to be told off or cussed out. Sometimes a person can give you helpful advice as to how your character should change. Sometimes people hate. Sometimes people care. Sometimes the road gets rough and you have no way to go but straight. Sometimes things are wonderful than just takes a turn for the worse. Sometimes you need to let go of something that you desperately want. Sometimes you need to fight for something that you desperately want. Sometimes people want you to just listen. Sometimes people want you to hold their hand and say it will be ok. Sometimes all it takes is a smile to brighten a mood. Sometimes all it takes is a note to brighten a mood. Sometimes its not what you say its how you say it. Sometimes it the little things that counts the most. Sometimes you don't need money to have the time of your life. Sometimes you don't need to be with someone. Sometimes you feel wonderful to be with someone. Sometimes you need to just relax. BUT.... You need to ALWAYS have faith in God and trust that everything happens for a reason.

Be Easy,

Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Been A While!

So I haven't blogged since July 2nd!!!! Thats flippin crazy in my book. Its due partly because I don't have internet anymore, my job just FULLY started so I'm working 40 plus hours a week, and partly because I have a new lady in which I spend practically the rest of my time with. Just to update everyone on my life, my job requires me to tutor and mentor high school students. I work from 6:30 to 3 Monday through Friday. Actually I'm here now and I'm tired as shit but hey... I must finish what I started so I will continue my long-awaited post. Life has been interesting lately. I find myself with a better, stronger sense of ambition and motivation. For a while I was lacki9ng in those departments but just realizing that EVERYTHING will work out for the best. I hate to be redundant but fuck it. This is my blog dammit!!! I friggin love hangin out with my lady. I love her aura. I love her presence and sense of humor. They say its not good to get your hopes up because things might fall short.... but why? It's wonderful to have faith in God and faith in something you want to see flourish.

Recent News: I just came back from a weekend in Delaware and it was poppin! All I did was hang out with Gorgeous and her family. She got a tattoo and cried like a little girl but hey... I was there for her lol. She bought "Scene it" the movie edition and talked trash that she was gonna win up and till I spanked that ass in the game. Then she recruited her father while saying, "You won't be any match for my Daddy!!!!" Yup.... and I annihilated him too lol... Won the bet and just enjoyed a peace weekend. Last night we took her dogg to a nice dogg park on South Street and talked about life. Its crazy how the little things in life bring the most happiness. That moment when we sat on the bench and just exemplified the epitome of chill on a beautiful summer night was worth more to me than any party, concert, or festivity that you can think of. I LOVED IT!

Unfortunately, I must get back to work. Hopefully I'll be able to finish this soon.

Be Easy,

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Hey I just wanted to take the time out to thank some very special people in my life. Yesterday I had a friggin trash ass day. Damn near got cussed out by my landlord, was feelin a lil sick, got reminded about how things are going in my life for the bad, over drafted on my account and then on top of all that; I found out some BAD news about my brother. So up and till about 7pm last night I was like, "fuck, today is friggin trash!" But then my boy Mchale sed he was coming through, my big brother was already there, my lady was on her way, and Kimbrough was too. So everyone gets to my house and I'm just in this piss poor mood and apparently, THEY WASN'T HAVIN THAT! As bad as a mood I was in, they said and I quote, "Cheer the fuck up nigga. You actin like a lil bitch right now. Shit happens and thats life. Cheer the fuck up and we going out!" So who was I to not comply... lol Everyone but my big bro went to Johnny Rockets and we had a great time. It cheered me the hell up, I tell you that much. So I just want to take a sec to thank my Lady, Big Bro, Kale, and Kimbrough for all the support...

Be Easy,

Open Your Eyes - Dwele

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So I'm coolin in Tuttlemen watching my students take a Pre-SAT exam and I can't help but ponder about myself. Normally I think about what goes on in my life but today I decided to wonder how I am reacting to what is going on in my life. I see myself maturing but how? I am going into my senior year of college and as I walk by various orientation freshmen I start to think, "Damn, that was me THREE years ago."

I know I've learned a lot about life and myself in those three years. I've experienced two relationships (so far) and I've been single for a good amount of the time. I have learned not to settle for anything. I have learned that I deserve a phenominal women and I might have found her. I've experienced being financially stable and I'm currently experiencing being financially unstable. I've learned to control my bad habits for the most part while unfortunately picking up a even worse one. I've been drunk, high, and lonely (not related but shit, this is my thoughts dammit). I've met a shit load of poppin ass people and a shit load of lame ones lol... I've gained a big brother and big sis. I've become humble and have learned to be very much complacent with my life as is, no matter what the circumstance is. I've impressed people. I've pissed off people. People has pissed me off. I developed a habit of ignoring people whom I deem unneccessary to continue communication with. I went from being hyper chill and somewhat quiet to a very charming and sociable guy (had to gas myself real quick, but in my eyes it's true).

I've developed a love for writing or I should say expressing myself through words. I've written a poem. I've heard poems. I've seen poppin ass performances from some of my close friends. I've become more conscientious about my surroundings and my life. I have indulged in numerous fulfilling conversations about EVERYTHING!!! I have listened to hundreds of new songs. I have been put on to numerous new artists: Chrisette Michelle, Wale (Ms. Krabapple), Raheem Devaughn, Gnarls Barkley, Lil Wayne, Robin Thicke... and I can go on & on & on.... But Who Cares? lol

I have matured in mind, body, and soul... (not so much body but definitely mind and soul lol)

I have developed a deeper relationship with God. I've watched my younger sister grow up. I have watched my actual older brother grow down. I have experienced what it feels like to be wasted on your 21st Birthday. I've learned to appreciate the friends and family that are in your corner. I have learned what to do and what not to do in a relationship. I have learned who to keep around me and who to keep at a distance. I have developed lifetime relationships with people that I see myself inviting to my wedding. I have developed a lifetime relationship with someone who is most likely going to be my son's Godfather (big bro). I have obtained a directorial position in an organization. I have operated my own radio show. I have learned to appreciate life. I have learned how to appreciate everything that happens to me. I have obtained a job that I can truly say changed my life for the better (Upward Bound).

I've made mistakes. I've learned from those mistakes. I've made good choices. I have made bad choices. I have no regrets. I have my mentor/confidant/advisor/fashion consultant/Mom in my corner the WHOLE ENTIRE TIME! (I thank God for her every single night). I have discovered a new path I want to take in my career. I have changed my major three times and finally got it right. I have met such awesome people. I REPEAT. I have met some AWESOME ASS people. I have learned not to take anything for granted.

Last but not least, I have learned that I have a lot more to learn and I should take each day as a blessing. I Love You guys!

Be Easy,

Monday, June 30, 2008

Met the Parents...

So as most of you probably already know, I have a new lady in my life. Unfortuntely, I'm not much of a communicater because none of my close friends knew about her (some of which found out through this... Sorry yall). You see I've only known her for a week! Sounds crazy but shit... We're content with how things turned out.

Lately I've been pondering over the thought of "moving too fast". What exactly does that mean? It's not like we met yesterday and got into a relationship today. It's almost like we have a wonderful understanding that we really like each other and we are travelling down the path God put us on. Who can hate on that? Not I. Bottom-line, I can't wait to see where this goes. It could be the most wonderful thing and in the same token it can fall short... who knows! I'll tell you one thing: I'm not letting "societal norms" dictate my relationship with her. HE put us together for a reason so who am I to go against that. I'm just going along for the ride and enjoying every minute!

Met her: 192 hours ago

Said I liked her: 168 hours ago

First Date: 66 hours ago

Met her parents: 48 hours ago

Text'd her to say Hi: 2 min ago

And We're Still Going Strong!

Be Easy,

Friday, June 27, 2008

One More Thought...

So I was talking to my mother today and I decided to give her an update on my life. Me and her talk every day but I was always one to keep my personal life to myself. I guess I feel kinda of weird telling her every single thing thats going on in my life but today I said screw it, I want her to know everything. I love this woman!!!!

Anywho... I felt compelled to tell her the I designated someone my big brother out here. Maybe I felt compelled because she was complaining about the bullshit that my actual brother does. I'm still not sure. But I was telling her that I pretty much have a big brother and a big sister who happen to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I was also telling her that I have a new lady and we all went on a double date the other day. Now what she said I thought was cool. She said that I have a mini family out here and thats cool. Come to think of it... I am fortunate to have such wonderful people in my life. I couldn't ask for no one better!

Be easy,

New Path or Different Direction?

So I'm in the tech coolin after a pretty good morning. I played ball, ran an errand I was supposed to do for weeks, and I was given the privilege of reading my big bro's blog and I fools with it. Things are cool now people. For the longest, probably the whole spring semester, I was going through ROUGH times. I don't need to go into detail as to what but hey, who doesn't go through rough times. I look around and see how fortunate I still am. Even though times are rough, they can be soooo much worse. I literally take each day for what it is and I ENJOY every bit of it! The way I see it, "you can't know what sweet tastes like until you've tasted bitter." (I don't know where I heard that from.. probably a movie or something.. Poppin right? yup)

Anywho... So I've recently embarked on something new. Its weird how one moment your coolin and the next moment your... (Ok I believe India Arie said it best)

It's like yesterday
I didn't even know your name
Now today
You're always on my mind

(My lady friend put me on to this)

So I'm sure you guys can tell whats going on from just reading the lyrics... Oh and yeah... It's mutual! We've been coolin and enjoying each others company and being over-analytical that I am, I began to analyze whats going and so has she. So to get answers to some of my questions, I went to my favorite supervisor of all time (Ms. T)...

side note: (stole that from big brother) I don't know about yall but I think I have the COOLEST supervisor ever. I can talk to her about any and everything. How many people can say they go to work on their day off just to chatt... Not too many. But I can!

Anywho... She gave me some advise and basically told a cool guy (Me) to chill the hell out! She said if me and my lady friend enjoy each other's company then thats it. No over-thinking anything. Take each day for what it is and hang out. At our age we aren't truly sure what we want and we get worked up in future ambitions and basically what other people think. In reality, all we need to do and continue on the path we're on. Time is a powerful tool (BB) and it will always show us the way because who said so... Come on... Say it with me.... GOD said so!!!

Faith in HIM will take us all where we need to be... So that being said, I will be doing just that. I adore spending time with her and I can't see this going anywhere but up. Oh yeah... we're going salsa dancing tonight! Just thought I'd make a few people jealous lol nah I'm playing. Well this is T, signing off and enjoying the rest of his day.

Be easy,

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting paid while falling asleep!

So I've had training for work everyday for the past week and a half. Honestly, I've been getting paid for doing nothing. In training, all we do is sit there, try not to fall asleep, and act like we're paying attention. I take breaks by pretending I'm getting water when I'm really just going to bother my supervisor (who's crazy cool I might add).

Today in particular is a really good day. I haven't had this feeling in a while. Life has been pretty "blah" lately so I've had the mentality that I'm just getting by. Today brought a feeling of everything will work out wonderful. Lately I've been really grasping around the thought that I honestly and truly LOVE music. It's soooo crazy how music can dictate/facilitate the mood I'm in. Today, on break, I called my lady and then through on some tunes while enjoying the beautiful weather. She put me in a good mood THEN when a certain song came on, I just couldn't stop cheesing. It was the most random song but just because I haven't heard it in awhile just made me feel good. I'll post it at the end of this. Anywho... I guess the purpose of this post is to let yall know that I'm having a really good friggin day!!!

I hope you guys are too!

Be easy,


P.S.. Is anyone else noticing that the formatting on this is acting madd dumb?

Monday, June 23, 2008


So I'm coolin in my room not too long ago and this song came on VH1 Soul. Who knew that the song would become my favorite song for now! But its weird... Everytime I hear it, its like I'm listening to it for the first time and I get HYPE all over again. This song not only makes me actually feel good but its inspiring as well. I wanna dance and its like I don't even care who around. I kid you now... I was dancing at WORK today! Everyone was looking at me like I'm crazy but shit... Honestly, not too many things make me that HYPE and that CRAZY while also finding a way to inspire me. Enough of my ramblings, I'm posting the video and the song just cuz I can do that!

Listen, Learn, and Enjoy,

Gnarls Barkley- Going On!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moment of Clarity

I've come across a situation that has happened to me recently and I feel like a clarification is needed. Now I'm in Philly, coolin and enjoying my life. Those of us stuck in philly these days know that there isn't much to do but to chill with cool peoples... So with that being said, not too long ago I received the number of two ladies that are no strangers to me and my roommate. He was always the middle man in terms of all of us coolin but when I got their numbers, I decided to not only thank them for coming to an event I hosted but to also see how they were doing. 

Now this day in particular I was off of work and lookin for something to do. So after talking to both, I found out that one of them didn't have any plans. Now me and the lady chilled before and I just wanted to get out of the house so I asked her if she wanted to accompany me downtown. She agreed and we went. She was hungry so I decided to take her to my spot downtown to eat... Unfortunately, I caught the jack continuously afterwards. We get to the spot and she starts to order what she wants. Then I started to say out loud what I wanted but it wasn't in the intention to tell the cashier. All I was doing was merely thinking out loud as to what I wanted to order. THEN... the cashiers straight gases the situation!!! The cashier thought I was putting my order on the same bill as the lady I was with so she starts saying, "Aww thats nice that you're paying for her!" Now in my mind I'm like, "JACK!!!!" All I could think was how the hell did I get myself in another one of these situations... 

Thats the life of Mr. Walcott

So after the cashiers said her comment, the lady who I was with said, "Oh, so your paying for me." Now I already knew I caught the jack so I decided to pay for both of us... So we ate, had a conversation but all I could really think about was how I just caught the "Fucking Jack". Now I'm not even gonna front... I was definitely too broke to be doing all that so it got to the point where I was barely listening to this chick cuz all I could think about was .... (Quite Frankly and not to offend anyone but)... how I just wasted money hardbody... So we hit the park, chatted for a lil then I had to go to rite aid to get cash back for the train back home....

Jack Number 2: I pick up the cheapest thing I could find and asked the cashier if I can get 3 bucks cash back. I was wishing and hoping I had enough but... Yup, you guessed it.... I got DENIED!!! At first I thought it was an embarrassing situation but I realized I didn't even care. I thought the shit was funny. So the lady offered to get it and we headed back to campus... After the day was done, I caught the jack twice, had a good laugh telling my roommate what happened and luckily didn't overdraft so I thought it was a cool day.

On an end note, I want to thank the lady that was with me because if we were on a date than that definitely would have been the jack. We were hanging out on some cool shit and I appreciate that... I just wish more women had the ability to do that!

Be Easy,

Oh Yeah!!!


Attention Ladies and Gentlemen...

Check This Right NOW!

All I wanna know is.... Who's coming with me!
Be Easy,

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Freaks Come Out at Night!

So Im coolin on my porch late at night listening to music when this chick comes walking up to me... 

She goes.., "You tryna have some fun?" 
I go.............., "What?!?!?"
She goes....., "I'm tryna have some fun. You want to have some fun with me?"
I go ....(still in shock mind you), "What kind of fun you talking bout?"
She goes.., "Some sexual fun."
I go ....(STILL IN SHOCK), "What does that mean?!?!?!?"
She goes.., "I'll suck your dick!"
I go ...(STILL IN SHOCK), "For Money?!!!!!!!"
She goes..., "Yeah"
I go....., "How much?"

LMAO Nah Im playing...

 I actually sad, "Get the hell outta here Chick!"

Craziness! I think I've witnessed just about everything in Philly. I've had to have seen it all son... Everything from witnessing a guy getting friggin shot and killed right in front my house to a damn chick offering to suck my dick for money... Damn

What the hell is goin on Here,

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day...

So its Father's Day and apparently today means a lot to some people. For the past week all I've heard was ideas and questions as to what people should get their fathers for Father's Day. In my eyes, its just another day. It's sunday; the Lord's Day. I've been stuck with the thought that should I feel some kind of way that I have a father and I can contact him but yet I have no ambitions on doing so. Growing up, I've realized that I have no sentimental feelings about a father figure. I was content and satisfied with just having a mother. My father left/forced out (pick one, they both apply) when I was two because he had a very bad drinking problem. I spent most of my adolescence with my mother and a step-father. I never liked that dude. I never considered him to be a father figure at all, although he did teach me three things: 

#1. I learned how NOT to treat a woman. (The experience gave me a greater sense of appreciation for women by seeing the bullshit my mother had to put up with and she's still strong. 
#2. I learned how NOT to treat children. (Learning from my childhood, I can honestly say that I will be a wonderful Father. I never knew the impact that a great father can have on a person's life but I hear its pretty good. So I can guarantee that my kids will have that.
#3. I learned how to clean very well. Me and my brother had to clean SOMETHING every fucking day. This fool would walk in the door and the very first thing he would say was, "Terence, did you clean the bathroom?"

Unfortunately, I was rarely around my grandfather before he passed away. From the stories I've heard and the fact that he raised 8 kids with my Queen (Grandma), he seemed like a great man. All through life I didn't have a father or a father figure so I don't need one now. It's weird that my actual father lives about 20 minutes away in South Jersey. I got his number so if I wanted to talk to him I can. The fact that I can and I choose not to hurts when I think about my wife (ashy booty - inside joke) and how she lost her father. I know she wishes she can talk to him and see him just one more time if possible but she can't. So sometimes I feel like I should be fortunate that he is still alive but its like saying that you're fortunate for a stranger to be alive. I honestly don't know what to think.

I was in a store yesterday and as I was about to leave, the cashier told me Happy Father's Day and it through me off a lil bit. I gave a little grin and i couldn't help but wonder what that meant. On the cashiers part I knew he didn't know if I was a father or not but on my part, I was thinking since I'm not a father, do I pass that on to my father but then I thought why would I (Weird but thats what I was thinking)....Ahhhh Life is a Trip people, Buckle up and enjoy it is what I say...


Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So Im here listening to music, tryin to find songs to play at the bbq today and I realize that my music collection is not good for "black" parties. I realized that the hype shit that people wanna dance to is the stupid "get silly" shit that I refuse to listen to. So I'm unfortunately stuck with the issue that I have to download that shit. Reggae: I'm good, Oldies: I'm good, R&B: I'm definitely good, Soulja Boyish shit: Definitely will lose that battle... So I gotta take one for the team and I gotta at least have some of that stuff. So Unfortunately, I'm 2 seconds away from downloading Get Silly, wish me luck...

Hopefully the crowd will ,

So Im Coolin Right AND....

So Im coolin right and I'm doing various things like listening to 112, looking for new music, formulating a playlist for Tuesday's BBQ tomorrow, and stressing about my life (as usual) AND I peeped a new video on VH1 Soul (Ms Krabapple's fav channel). Guess what that video was....

Damn, so the original plan was to just put the video on here and let yall play it to figure it out BUT... its so new it aint even on YouTube or IMeem......jack 

Artist Hint: "You're who I desire, you light my fire. With every kiss you take me higher."

Song Hint: "Love is kind when the world is cold. Love stays strong when the fight gets old. Love's a shoulder to lean on. Love Is...."

If you can guess, I'll give you a penny... What Up!

Be Easy,

P.S. I Found it!!!! Unfortunately, it was on another person's blog....dammit (You won this one Ms. Krabapple, you won this one)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Madd Gemini's, Madd BDays, Madd Fun. What Up!

So its Monday June 9th... I've been trashed for the past four days because of birthdays. OK, thursday it wasn't for someone's bday but all the other days were lol. So it was my homie Soiyea's BDay on Saturday and my homie Tuesdays BDay is on Tuesday (Big Brother abused that ALL weekend lol)... So it was a weekend extravaganza BUT.... It aint over. Tonight we gettin it in SOMEWHERE!!! AND TOMORROW (TUESDAY June 10th) We in there at MY Crib for Tuesday's Birthday BBQ on Tuesday.... What Up!!!!

If You Ain't On My Level Then Take Another Shot,


P.S... Don't show up thinkin you gettin some Moet cuz if I have it, at 45 bucks a bottle, I ain't givin it up!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We BARRACK'D the Vote!!!

So.... We did it. Obama is the Democratic nominee for the 2008 Presidential Election and "WE" are that much closer to creating History (if we haven't done so already). Not to ruin the joyous occasion or anything but these are gonna be some really stressful times ahead for him and for us. (Ask me and I'll elaborate but I think you get the idea already.) We gotta pray even harder for him! 

Positive things happen to positive people,

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Legendary Roots

"At the end of the day, the only people that can surpass The Roots are The Roots. And the only people that can fail The Roots are The Roots. There is no excuse." - Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson

Feed off that,

Last One: I Couldn't Resist!!



P.S. In case you were wondering what song is being played. If you're anything like me then you definitely was. It is "Fancy Footwork" by Chromeo.

The Best One by Far!

So apparently Zune has artists that create little "movie-ish" stuff to popular songs and on my previous post, I found one done with a Santogold song. So after I posted my previous post, I kept watching the other videos. 

This one is the best by far. I like it.
In case you were wondering; the song is "Dirty Laundry" by Bitter:Sweet

Be Easy,

On My Santogold Shit...

So I randomly woke up at 6 am!!!! this morning. Here's what I did:

1. Ran downstairs because I was thirsty as.... I thought I had something clever but its 7 am dammit so absolutely nothing came to mind lol. I was thirsty.
2. I washed my face and brushed my teeth.
3. I started to watch Law and Order:SVU (Poppin ass show)
4. Text'd someone asking why the hell was I up at 6 am.
5. Didn't get a response from the text.
6. Looked at the links Kanye got on his blog.
7. Then for some reason I decided to listen to Santogold.

Now its while on a site I found on Kanye's blog that I stumbled across this video with (and you'll never guess)..... Ready?........... Are you Ready?..... Are you sure?...... Yup!...... Santogold! 

Weird ass video but hey, who's normal now-a-days?
Enjoy Dammit!

Be Easy,

Saturday, May 31, 2008

"I'm in Between But..."

So I've spent most of my day looking at what's new in music and fashion. I've failed for the most part but while going through some sites,  I remembered a Mariah Carey video that had Pharrell in it. I remember when I first saw it i thought, (No Homo) "Yo this dude is kinda fresh". I felt his style in the video was fresh and was something I always wanted to do. SO... that being said, Here's the video. Enjoy! (I fools with the song as well)

Say Somethin - Mariah Carey feat. Snoop Dogg and Pharrell

But Wait.... There's More
Be Easy,

Let's Take it Back Shall We...

So I was trying to put this song on my blog but it kept playing as a 30 sec snippet instead of the actual song. And Yes... It pissed me off! So I decided to make a post with the video... Enjoy!

Maybe - N.E.R.D.

Be Easy,

Am I Late?

Seeing Sounds: June 10th

Everyone Nose

Be Easy,

Flashing Lights Trilogy...

Here's what Kanye had to say....

"I shot 3 vids for 'Flashing Lights' cuz I ain't like the first 2,"."I loved the 3rd one that I released with Spike [Jonze] and hit the world with that. I actually had Sam Speigal, Spike's brother and co-orchestrater of THE TOUR MUSIC, do a remix 2 the scary one 2 make the music fit. I planned 2 put it on a DVD later this year. No rants here just an explanation of why y'all getting those other vids rt now that I ain't approve and why I ain't finna post neither on my blog. So I hope whoever leaked them got the shine they was looking 4 cause that's all they'll get now. And I know that's incorrect english but that's how I talk when I want 2. Oh and I've just been 2 busy 2 get at the New York Times for all that his Ego BLAH BLAH BLAH bullsh-- so stay tuned. For fun, I want yall 2 read this whole post in the Grandma's Boy JP robot voice LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Part Uno:

Part Dos:

Part Tres:

Favorite's the second one but three is creepin up,

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

So Ironic, it deserves its own post...

So being the bored person that I am, I'm up at 3:43 looking at Usher album reviews and I stumble across a site talkin about what he had planned for his release date. It was lame but right when I was going to another site something caught my eye. A person with the name CoolgirlTe wrote a comment saying she stay bumpin Trading Places... Being that I just said in my previous post that Trading Places was my favorite song off the album AND being that my name on here is Cool guy T just temporarily blew my mind...Craziness (Coincidence?)
Be Easy,

CoolgirlTe can't stop bumpin trading places  

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Anticipation is Over...

So I've had Usher's new album for about a week now and I've been listening and deciphering the it. My initial thought was that it was ok and I thought the songs were not "catching" me. A lot of the songs are not like his other albums where you loved em at first listen BUT I'm starting to realize that this album is like Novocain. It takes awhile to start taking effect but when it has you... It Has You! 

The album came out today so I'm expecting everyone to have heard it by friday. The few people I've talked to about it that has heard the album ALL expressed that its a week album. So naturally, I've been defending it. As I said before, you can't look at this album in the shadow of Confessions. They are two totally different albums with two different feels to them. My roommate brought up an interesting point that I feel is true. Usher has reached the point in his career where he doesn't have to worry about having songs that appeals to everyone and that is universal. "Confessions" went Certified Diamond so he knows that people will buy this album off  the respect of "Confessions" and his other albums. Also this really is a good album so people won't be sorry for getting it. BUT I will say that this album is for true Usher fans.  I feel like he made sure this album was about HIM. His second child almost (I'm slightly beastin' I know). Shit he has gone through a marriage, a kid and its been 3 years since Confessions; so I feel he has matured musically. It's about time he puts out a piece of work that is highly personal to him because he can do that now and be still be successful.

With that being said, of course people listening to it for the first time will think its weak and everyone I talked to that expressed disdain for the album has only listened to it once and not even in its entirety. I'm not even gonna lie. I actually stopped listening to the album for a day or two because I wasn't initially intrigued. But being the Usher fan that I am (been ride or die since My Way), I picked it back up and listened to it for the lyrical content and out of context of all other Usher albums and I can truly say that I LOVE the album. His style of singing is slightly different. How he decides to flow with each song is poppin and the lyrics and concepts I FOOLS with. My favorite song is Trading Places but unfortunately I can't find a good version on imeem to put it on my blog. Naturally, I can't expect everyone to like it, nor do I care, but it definitely deservea credit for being a pretty good album. Listen, Decipher, Understand, then get back to me on  it.... Thanks

Be Easy,

P.S... This is a small clip sort of backing up what I'm saying.

Terence Loves the Kids...

So I've been working at Upward Bound since November of last year. The reason why I applied for it is because its 10 bucks an hour from 3-6 Tuesday through Friday and 9-3 on Saturdays. So my thinking was, "Ok, imma get paid a good amount of money with hours that aren't crazy and all I gotta do is tutor kids in high school math...Simple" Nope. First off, I went through the craziest interview process for no damn reason. I friggin' had a three part interview where I spoke with the director, then take a cumulative final (No joke), then I had to pretend that I'm teaching the guy how to do some problems. I literally had a lunch break and I still had to come in early the next day to finish the whole thing. Any who... I caught the jack with that.

 Now on to the reason for this post all together. You see, this job started off with my MAIN concern being to tutor and get the hell outta there. BUT as time progressed, I started to develop relationships with the kids and I came to the conclusion that it aint only about the money... It aint only about the tutoring... Its about being a positive role model while assisting the students in there school work. You see, my job title is TM (Tutor/Mentor) so that means that its my job to help these kids with LIFE issues. I feel there's so much more shit goin on in these kids lives than just grades. Mind you, these kids/students (they hate when you call them kids) gotta go through an extensive interview process and they have to have pretty good grades just to get in the program; so their not dumb or crazy. 

So I now find myself not only asking, "What work you gotta do?" but "Hows life?" as well. Kids these days be going through some real shit. I mean those of you who heard Just Greg's kids at Philalive know these kids be going through some shit. So with that understanding and seeing how influential I can be to these kids motivates me to set the best example I can. For the longest I've been trying to set up like a little sit down and just talk about whats going on in their lives outside of school. Now you know kids these days think they're grown and that they have experienced everything there is to experience so I feel our job is to help them develop the right mentality to help them through the next step in theirs lives which is college. With experience comes knowledge and just think about ALL the shit we went through (and still is going through) in college. We (T/M's) have the advantage of KNOWING so why not pass that on as well as how to solve an Algebra problem...

I try to do my part. On saturdays I get together with my students outside of the program and play ball. I try to answer any questions they may have not just about academics but about personal issues as well. 

So to wrapp up my ramblings.... I've develop a new appreciation for my job. 

Terence Loves his kids...

Be Easy,

Monday, May 26, 2008

Connect 4, Drinkin, and Coolin is what I do!

So I've been in Philly pretty much since classes ended and I've yet to find something truly poppin to do other than coolin with my peoples, drinkin and Connect 4... So to the select few that reads this: What Up! (I had more to say but, I just don't feel like typing anymore.) I'm here. If you're here too then we could get something poppin.

Be Easy,

Friday, May 23, 2008

Sorry, I had to do it...

So I just post two videos back to back. Then I went to Redd's blog and saw that Usher has a new video for Moving Mountains. Sorry Redd, I had to bite...

Oh yeah. So I got "Here I Stand" already and I've been slightly having a hard time assessing it. Everyone who I told I have it asked the same damn question. "How is it compared to "Confessions"?". Truthfully, I can't say just yet. We all know confessions was a phenomenal album but I'm coming to the conclusion that this album needs to be looked at in its own light, instead of in the shadow of "Confessions". "Here I Stand" is a good album and it honestly shows the growth in this dude. Let me know what yall think about it.... (When it comes out in a few days cuz yall are not exclusive like me lol j/k)

Be Easy, 

Moving Mountains - Usher

While I'm at It...

So I just posted the video for Try Again by Raheem DeVaughn, and that made me think of other New Poppin Videos. So of course I had to put this one on the blog. This video and song not only makes me hype as shit but.... Yeah I don't have anything else to follow that. It's just that good. You people already know how ill The Roots are.... Enjoy!

Oh, everyone who is reading this PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. 



Be Easy,

Did He Really Do This...

So I'm looking on imeem for the song Try Again by Raheem DeVaughn because that song is simply poppin! Any who, in searching for the song I stumble across the fact that this fool (Meant in a good way) made a video for the song that I had no idea was being made. So here it is dammit! A Poppin Ass Song... and Video!!!

P.S.... You can't tell me that asian chick isn't BAD!!!

Be Easy,

Monday, May 19, 2008

Funny Shit! Just Watch...

Be Easy,

MC ~ "Move the Crowd"

MTV's Top MC's of 2008

1. Kanye West
2. Jay-Z
3. Lil Wayne
4. Rick Ross
5. 50 Cent
6. Snoop Dogg
7. Lupe Fiasco
8. Young Jeezy
9. Andre 3000
10. T.I.     

Ok. First off, I wanna say that this list is ok but I have a few discrepancies. First and foremost, Andre 3000 definitely didn’t get the credit he deserved. They had him at 10 then put him at 9 AND the only reason they even put Andre 3000 at 9 is because T.I. had to fall back cuz of the legal issues. Regardless of the legal issues of T.I, Andre 3000 consistently threw it down on the tracks he got on. “International Players Anthem”…. classic ass song. In my opinion, Andre 3000 MADE that song and that’s not even it. I could mention others like “Walk it Out” remix, “I Want You” remix or even “Throw Some D’s” remix but that’s not even necessary. All I gotta say is “The Art of Storytellin’ Part 4”. Granted this dude ain’t put out an album but the list is not called “MTV’s Top Hip-Hop Albums of 08”, its called “Top MC’s of 08”. 

  When I hear the acronym “MC”, all I can do is think LYRICAL CONTENT. Sure, ill flows and poppin beats play a lot into songs but if the song is not lyrically on point then what’s the purpose? We talking bout Hip-Hop right? OK. Don’t get me wrong, T.I. does his thing but to me Andre 3000 has him beat.  (Just had to break you off a piece of what he was saying in “The Art of Storytellin’ 4”)


“She said, why in the club and you don’t make it precipitate, you know, Make it rain when you can make it Thunder Storm. I’m like why? The world needs sun, the hood needs funds, there’s a war goin on and half the battle is guns. How dare I throw it on the floor while people are poor. So I write like Edger Allen to restore.” – Andre 3000


  Next off. Lupe Fiasco! He definitely did not receive as much credit as he deserves. This dude not only put out a wonderful album with “Food and Liquor” but he then came even more Hott Fire lol with “The Cool”. Personally, I love “The Cool”. This album dealt with problems black people face in the general sense by introducing characters and making it a concept album. Think of it as a movie. He comes up with The Cool, The Streets and The Game. Basically a Black Man getting influenced by the Game and caught up in the Streets. Lupe isn’t rappin about how he sold this drug and shot this person and got out the dope game or no shit like that. But he understands what goes on and he’s rapping bout it while also talking bout shit that’s going on in his life. Now Jeezy is cool but come on. I feel like Jeezy hasn't progressed lyrically. What makes a great MC is the ability to evolve and improve. Jeezy is stagnant. 

Now on Snoop. I agree with dude when he said that Snoop lost points when he said he didn't write all of his rhymes. I understand Snoops logic but there are A LOT of different ways to put people on. Don't let them write rhymes for you. Put them on a track instead. If you let someone write for you and claim that thats giving them a foot in the door, to me thats BULLSHIT. When we hear a Snoop song, (those of us that are still listening) don't say, "That line was poppin, I wonder who wrote it?" Nah, we say, "Snoop killed it". Bascially, Snoop lost points and this list is for ill MC's of 2008, so "OLD Snoop" shouldn't hold so much weight on his spot on this list. So Lupe should have been above Snoop as well. Bottom-line, Lupe deserved more credit.


  Now as far as the rest of the list goes, I felt their arguments were ok. I still don’t understand why they were even considering Solja Boy to be on the list. Like I said before, when I hear “MC” I think Lyrical Content, something that should NOT be associated with Solja Boy. If you go back to the origin of MC, it controversially means “master of ceremonies”. The MC hypes up the DJ and speaks to the crowd. According to Rakim, this person’s responsibility was to “move the crowd”. In my opinion, it didn’t just mean to make them dance but to Move them mentally as well. Personally, I don’t get moved to someone yelling “Yah Trick Yah”. I don’t care if he can make a whole club do one dance or if he sold 3 million ringtones. That’s just irrelevant to the list. Thank you.

P.S.... Is it too much to ask to have Black Thought even considered for the fucking list. I mean damn!!!


Be Easy,


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Home is the place where my mind can be at ease...

“Home is a place not only of strong affections, but of entire unreserved; it is life's undress rehearsal, its backroom, its dressing room, from which we go forth to more careful and guarded intercourse.” - Harriet Beecher Stowe
Be Easy,

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Co-workers United!

So I'm at work sitting next to Angelene and she requested that I write a post about her. I kindly obliged and started writing this. While writing the first few words she walked by and sternly said, "Make sure it's not WACK!" So per her request... I'm gonna try. My posts come spur of the moment so a planned one (like this) has the possibility of being subpar. But it won't..... Now I've known Angelene for a few months now and we've hit the point in our relationship where we can share semi-personal stories (Only a select few co-workers I've had in my life has elevated to that level). She's cool peoples and I'm not saying that because she asked me to write something about her even though she's most likely gonna read this. We share stories, converse on certain situations and.... I got to get to work cuz kids are starting to come in.
So to wrapp of my rambling.... She's Angelene.

Be Easy,


So being a Music junkie that I am, I'm obviously looking forward to Usher's new album HERE I STAND. Now, we all jam to "Love in this Club" so that just fueled the anticipation even more. I even went as far as finding some released tracks from the album because thats how dedicated I am to his music (Not a groupie as a one Ms. Mariann used to call me). So I go on iTunes music store and they have the entire album ready to pre-order so I got hype. Yeah, I'll admit it. I got hype dammit.
So to wrapp up my ramblings.... I'm ready to hear what he has to say.

Be Easy,

Summer Love

So I'm basically stuck in Philly for the WHOLE SUMMER but ask me if I care..... NOPE. I'm not mad. I'm actually looking forward to this summer because A) I'll be working with my kids this summer and I get a weird sense of fulfillment when dealing with them. It's like I get a wonderful sense of satisfaction when I know, Im helping in their growing experience whether it be to help them with their grades or just help them through a tough situation. LORD knows when we were in high school, we dealt with a lot more stuff than just grades. So I feel as a Tutor/Mentor (My official job title), we must instill more support and motivation on them AND show them (by example) that SUCCESS is readily available to those who APPLY! 

 B) My BestFriend in the whole wide world is interning here this summer. Her and I haven't truly chilled because she goes to Boston College and I'm obviously attending Temple U. During summer months in the past she lives in Jersey and I unfortunately still reside in the Poconos; so you can see the conflict that occurs.... We already begun making plans for how we gonna spend almost every damn day together and apparently, a lot of Temple will still be out here as well. SOOOOO, ladies and gentlemen, this should be a rather interesting summer. So to wrapp up my ramblings.... I can't wait!

Be Easy,